How to use Facebook tools to grow your business. How to create a Fan Page and how to use FB not only for personal but also for business posts.
How to Create a Fan Page on Facebook.

Most people post almost everything on their profile, whether it's personal moments or business. However, marketing professionals recommend that you should keep your personal profile separate from your business profile. Therefore :
On your personal profile, you should only post personal moments, travels, interests, share a post you liked, and so on.
For business, we create fan pages. Facebook allows us to have as many fan pages as we like. So if we are involved in many activities, we can create a different fan page for each one.
This article has to do with FutureNet, so how can you create a fan page for your Futurenet business? What content should you include? And how can you promote and advertise your page and your business?
How to create a Fan Page.
1. Log into your Facebook account and Click the "Menu" icon. This downward-facing triangle icon is in the top-right corner of the page. A drop-down menu will appear. 
Click Create Page. 



2. Click Get Started under the “Business or Brand” heading (or "Community or Public Figure" heading if you prefer).

3. Enter a page name. Type whatever you want to name your page into the "Page Name" text box and select the category from the drop-down menu.

4. Click Continue . Upload a picture for your page. If you don't want to do this now, click Skip instead; otherwise, you can upload a profile picture for your page by doing the following:
Click Upload a Profile Picture.
Select a picture from your computer.
Click Open.

Upload a cover picture. As with the profile picture, you can skip this step if you like by clicking Skip at the bottom of the page. To add a cover page, do the following:
Click Upload a Cover Photo.
Select a picture from your computer.
Click Open.


Review your page. Uploading a cover photo (or skipping the cover photo process) will cause your Facebook fan page to load, allowing you to review its appearance. At this point, you're free to begin posting on your page.
However, you can also fill in some more information:

Create a page username (not necessary but useful). For example, your username. E.g. you could use  @fn.your name and so on.
You could also write a description for your page.
You can add more information and you will be able to gradually update your page as your experience grows.

You can open your page at any time by clicking the "Menu" icon and then clicking your page's name in the drop-down menu.

B. How to add content to your page
At this point you will need to add content to make your page appealing. Keep in mind that you have created a page for financial results, so whatever you post on your page should be of concern to you. This is what we have taken care of at We have created an amazing feature. Whatever you share through will include your own personalized link, as long as you have first logged in with your username or e-mail and entered your password. Go to, and log in (if you don’t remember your password, request a reminder e-mail). Now, you are ready to share whatever you want with your personalized link attached.
Select your content and share it. How to use Facebook and Futureteam here
We recommend you don’t overdo it by posting too frequently. An optimal frequency for posting is 3-4 times per week, definitely never more than once a day. Otherwise you will frustrate your followers and lose fans. 
C. How to add friends to the page
It's important to invite as many friends as you can to join your fanpage. There are three ways to do this. 
Go to your news feed and click your fan page under “Favorites.”
Click “Invite friends to like this page” on the ride side of your page. Invite as many as you can. Ask your friends who you feel comfortable with to invite their friends to like your page.
Attractive content. Every time you post an article, it will be seen by your followers. When they click “Like”, the article also appears in their friends’ feed, who will also like your page if they find it interesting.
Run a Facebook Ad campaign.
Why is it important to have many followers on your page? Because what you post from then on will be seen by all these followers, significantly increasing the chances of people being interested in what you have to offer.
Good luck! And in case you need professional help in creating your page, contact us and we will recommend specialists who, for a very low cost, can help you either set up your page or manage and maintain it.

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