How to connect to a Zoom meeting via desktop computer or laptop
How to connect to a Zoom meeting via desktop computer or laptop
To connect to a zoom meeting, you must first have been provided with a link. You will typically receive the link through an email invitation.
The first step is to register for the webinar by clicking on the link. In the form that displays, enter the required information (name, last name, email, email confirmation and city).

Click on "Register" to confirm your registration

You will instantly be sent a confirmation email of participation, as displayed below:
In both the registration approved form and the confirmation email, you will find the link you need to click on, to connect to the meeting at the scheduled time.
We recommend connecting shortly before the meeting in case you need to address an issue, such as adjusting your microphone or loudspeaker.
When the time comes, click on the link to join the webinar. The following screen will display. If you register while the webinar is already in progress, some of the above steps can be skipped and you will instantly be directed to the following screen:

If the webinar has not started yet, you will see the window below, asking you to wait for the host to start the webinar: 

Let's see how you can address audio issues with your microphone or loudspeaker.
In the lower left of your screen, you will find the "Audio Settings" option, which provides you with a menu of various options.



Click on "Test Speaker & Microphone" and a pop up window will appear. You should be able to hear a sound like a ringtone.  If you don’t, you will have to select different speakers from the drop-down menu in the "Speaker 1" bar. Successively test all the options in the menu until you hear the ringtone. 


Once you hear the ringtone, click YES to continue the microphone test. 
Then the following pop up window will appear. If you are not interested in being heard during the webinar, close the window. Otherwise, follow the same steps as above. Successively select all the options from the drop-down menu in the "Microphone 1" bar until you hear an audio replay of your voice.

Now that all audio issues have been addressed and the webinar has started, you will be able to view the presentation or training on your screen as illustrated below.



At the bottom of your screen, you will see a tool bar with some more options.
Click on the “Chat” icon to open the chat window where you can type in a message or a question.

Clicking on the “Raise Hand” icon is actually like raising your hand to ask a question. The host will be instantly notified and if it is a good time for questions, your microphone will be unmuted so you can be heard and ask your question.



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